Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Music History-long version

My Music History(long version)
  I have always been a slow learner and found it very hard to remember things, but yet I am still able to learn. I have a decent finger memory and sometimes is how I remember how I did something the last time I did it.  I have always been interested in music starting as a child playing around with a harmonica, a school Recorder, and with a little box air organ my parents bought.  I also played around with my Dad's organ he bought and after some self teaching hired a teacher which helped him do well at playing some folk songs for the family.  I however did not have the confidence to put more effort into it, if I had I may had gotten some lesson out of it as well.
  Over the years on my own since, I have tried another keyboard, a clarinet, a couple side flutes(traditional and wood), but I never took lessons, I could never afford them, and so tried to learn on my own and I was never able to get anywhere.
  Most recently(2016) my Wife and I decided to learn the classical guitar together, but this did not work out for my Wife because of health so far.  I continued on with the guitar on my own using an app on my tablet and enjoy it.  It is still a goal instrument for me.  I like its affordability, portability and the fact it takes no power. :)
  Then recently(May 2017) I finally had the opportunity to play on my Mom-in Law's upright piano on a visit.  I did recognizable job at "Christian Dedication", a song my wife and I used at our marriage.  I posted a video a me playing it that a longtime friend of mine saw, and he brought us over a KB for my wife and I to play as he knew my wife is also interested in piano's.(pic below, the stickers have since been removed)  Alas due to health my wife has not been able, yet :).
   I have taken a shine to playing the KB and so I searched Youtube for a video course.  After looking at several I found the ‘Piano Video Lessons’ course.  I liked that I could view a complete course and see how I did with them.  I like the bite sized chunks that usually focused on one thing in each lesson.  I am learning, and that is cool, so cool I now have the courses optional written materials. I never imagined to be able to afford take lessons to play. With this course I feel that I am.  I may actually finally get to play an instrument yet.   And a piano at that, one of the first style instruments I ever took a shine too.
P.Allen June 23,2017