Saturday, July 23, 2016

Using JamPlay and Guitar Pro

   I have been giving a shot for a more structured aproach to learning the Guitar other than just Youtube videos.  I am enjoying their Guitar 101 course by Chris Liepe.  The Guitar 101 videos are on Youtube but for the full course material of .PDF's, MP3's and Guitar Pro .GPX files you may have to join to try it out. I only have temp access for a month but I am checking it out. 

    I am also using the Guitar Pro Android app to use .GPX guitar tabs.  There are quite a few .GPX Kingdom Melodies made by a Brother here at OneDrive. He plays some of them at: Kingdom Melody Guitar on Youtube.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

July song practice

I continue to practice the chords A,D,E, on our classical guitar, although I have not spent time trying to learn Paperback Writer by the Beatles that uses these chords.

I have been spending more time trying to play the notes of the song ‘Christian Dedication’ which my wife and I were married to though, without its chords of which I am no way ready for. I still need much practice at this song of which I really do want to learn.
  Jay Leal is also learning to play this song along with other ones and is doing quite well.  
We have purchased 2 guitar and music stands to hold our guitars as well as guests.