Sunday, June 18, 2017

Learning Ode to Joy on piano

   I have been busy practicing on the keyboard with the Piano Video Lessons.  I finished Unit 1 and am now in Unit 2 of the First year.  I am starting to use both hands and a lot of second and thirds practice.  I have been working on a simplified version of  "Ode to Joy" since June 21.  Sooner or later I will be making a practice video of it to compare with the previous course practice video: "Let Go Skipping Hands Together".

   The Piano Video Lessons course just made it's first $100 pledge goal at Petreon so one of the $10 monthly contributors will get picked to have a 5 minute video critique of thier playing along with a chance to ask her any questions about playing piano.  I will be among the running for this level reward although one other contributor has been a $10 contributor longer than me.  I hope to be able to make a practice video of "Ode to Joy" to share when ever it gets to be my turn. Who knows, by that time I may have moved on to another practice song to share with the teacher.

   I have been concentrating on the piano rather than the guitar since I got the piano.  I do plan to get back to the guitar, but for now I am really enjoying the piano practice and that is what my music hobby is all about.  Besides two instrument at one time is to much for now.