Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Practicing the A-E-D chords

While Kathy has been working on the D-C-A and G chords,  I have been practicing the A-E chords daily using lessons from the Andy Guitar video lessons.

  I hope it is ok, but I like the way he does the A chord in the How to change between E & A chords on guitar so as to keep the pointer finger traveling on the same G string during the transitions.
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 17.28.39

   The next step I am thinking on is learning Paperback Writer by the Beatles using the E and A chord.  I will be purchasing perhaps this Cappo set soon(2pk) so Kathy and I will have one for each guitar to be able to play more songs.
   Than perhaps go on to add the D chord using the E, A & D chord changes video to open up more songs.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lucero LC150S Natural Spruce/Sapele Classical Guitar

With the valued help of Kathy's Mother we were able to purchased a Lucero 150S classical guitar while it was on sale.  I posted how well it fit kathy and myself in the last post.  Now we have the two guitars to use practice on togather.  I see Husband and Wife duets in the future.  Much practice will be needed first for sure but it will be a lot of fun learning the Guitar with Kathy.

Our new entertainment devices

Since its back and side are Sapele, I had to look it up to see what Sapele wood is and it is an African wood very interchangeable with Mahogany. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We saw a Classical guitar we liked.

    Kathy and I looked at a few guitars at The Guitar Center yesterday.  We decided that 3/4 scale is just to small and we do not like the sound either.

    However we did look at a couple Lucero Classic guitars and we REALLY like the slightly smaller body that fits Kathy better but at the same time I get to keep the full sized frets I like. We both really liked the sound. Since as a classical guitar it makes use of nylon strings it will be easier on on us as we begin to play. This may be the style of guitar that fits our needs.

   I had to look up Sapele to see what kind of wood it is. It is from Africa and has almost the same as far as audio quality and has very nice stripes in the grain.

The Lucero Classical Guitar
DimensionsWidth at Upper Bout: 11-1/8" Width at Lower Bout: 14 5/8" Neck width at body: 2-5/16" String Spacing at Saddle E-E: 2-5/16"
Nut width1- 11/16"
TopNatural spruce and Striped Sapele wood back and sides
Rating2 reviews at 4.0
Gig bagNo
PriceRegularly $199 Sale $159.99

   Best-in-class value and built to last, Lucero instruments are carefully crafted to provide years of rich, toneful sound and at an attractive price. Lucero creates beautiful classical guitars for every type of player, from beginners embarking on their musical journey to steel-string players looking to expand their skills (and their tool box) with the authentic sounds of a nylon-string guitar. Using superior tonewoods (like spruce, cedar, rosewood and mahogany) as well as manufacturing techniques seen in instruments costing much more, Lucero is priced for budget-conscious players who still demand a great-looking, highly playable classical guitar. Students especially will appreciate the low action that makes for better overall playability.
Striped sapele back and sides
Solid spruce top
Multi-ply wood binding
3-ply rear marquetry strip
Custom rosette
Gold hardware
White Ivoroid Regal tuners

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New life to a tired guitar

An inside look at the damaged support piece
Dad and I glued the broken piece and clamped it.
Then to dry overnight
As soon as I remount the neck and
restring it then it will be in the bag
The Martin 41M1400 Marquis silk and steel strings are said to be easy on beginners fingers.

We glued it up Monday evening and I took off the clamps and mounted the neck today.  Tomorrow I plan to replace the strings and adjust the neck, then it's off to try some Acoustic Achord by means of lots of practice.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Song by Twilight

After afternoon service, Jay and I had a Retro Burger and stopped by the Guitar Center to look around and play with a few acoustic guitars. Whereas Kathy and I looked mostly at a Rogue RD80 last visit, this visit Jay and I mostly looked at an Epiphone PR-150.  Then we went to his place and picked up a couple of his guitars and came to our place.  Jay, Kathy and I had another fun evening practicing.  I am going to need several more practice sessions like this for sure.  A guitar would help too.

   Here is a clip of Jay playing a "Song by Twilight".

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Notes on the neck

   As an exercise to help me to learn the note patterns on the frets I made a spreadsheet of the notes on a guitar fret.   I wanted a chart to show both sharps and flats on the fretboard rather than to just look one up on the web.  I modified and built on an illustration of my own based on an e-book illustration on page 5 of the e-book "Complete Chord Collection" as a reference.  I like mine better as it is more complete and clear, at least to the brain that built it.  Imagine that, that was the idea after all.  I did notice some patterns as a result.  :) Link

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fun time with a friend

Practicing Chords on Jay's Guitar
  Jay L, Kathy and I had a a great time playing with his guitars and sipping on oolong tea on Saturday night(April 30,2016). Yep, we are a rowdy crowd. Not a lot of music went on.... Might be a goal to learn some there. We mostly played, err, I mean, practiced chords. I discovered that by learning the chords using the tablet apps, that it translated well to trying them on the guitars.

   My main weakness was just hitting too many strings with my clumsy fingers. Much practice is needed for sure. We went to a guitar center and tried out guitars and found out that a 3/4 size guitar would be the best size for Kathy. So I guess we are saving up for one now.