Thursday, July 6, 2017

PVA Runner-up Winner PM and Announcement

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   Jul 1 Patreon Drawing announcement Patreon drawing winner announcement ‘AJBohac’ Winner has 4 days to reply!
   Jul 5  Piano Video Lessons  
Moving on to the runner-up! I have not heard back from AJBohac.  So, Pallen is now the recipient of a personalized video coaching session!
   Jul 5  Pallen
😱 Wow! Thank You Lisa.  I will get to putting it together as instructed in your PM.  I will share it with you first, and then I will plan on sharing it on youtube later.  May my fellow students be kind. 😉
  Jul 6  Pallen
The July drawing was a lot fun even for the runner-up in this case.  I plan on doing a couple practice songs from Unit 2 of the 1 Year Course.

   I first would like to practice is ‘Let’s Go Skipping Hands Together’ from Unit 2 Lesson 7.
 The second song I will practice is ‘Ode to Joy’ from Unit 2 Lesson 11.  This is a song I plan to hang on to for continued practice and even play for close friends, and so is a song I wish to continue to improve on and add complexities to it such as playing some real chords with it.

Patreon PM Notification    Jul 6
   Jul 5  Piano Video Lessons
Paul's Piano Video Lessons course Teacher (Lisa)  Hi Paul!

You are the new winner of the personalized coaching video!  

By the end of July, send me a recording of yourself working on your piano.  Perform your most recent pieces.  You'll get the most benefit, if you send me a polished piece as well as something you've been working on for a week or 2.  a 5-10 minute video please.

I know you have all the technology in place to record, so just let me know when the video is ready,  You can send it to me via google docs, or send me a youtube link.  If you send it by google docs, I can seam my coaching in with the footage from your original video.

Any questions?
Jul 6
  Wow! Thankyou,  I can do both for you, a Google .doc first and then post later on Youtube as second stage for your other students benefit and perhaps encourage others to want to take advantage of the $10 level offer.

   Although I must admit in my selfishness, I am enjoying the high 1 out of 3 odds so far of winning it again until you get more $10 patreons. Hey I am human ok ;)

   I know I will be doing my latest lesson on 'Ode to Joy' for you and I will pick an easier piece out a less complex from another lesson, perhaps 'Let's Go Skipping Hands Together'?.   Thank You for allowing 2 pieces, I was hoping for critique on only 1.
  Your student, Paul