Monday, February 13, 2017

Justin Guitar by FourChords

   I found the link to the Justin Guitar by FourChords App while at Justin I am finding the app useful and motivating so far.  It is all set up to practice the A-D-E chords that I have been working on as well as a lot more skills done in a fun way. It also has lots of A-D-E keyed songs  for us to practice.  I am analyzing the long term usefulness of this app for us as to keep all it full feature it costs $34.99.  It is worth it I am sure as a lot of work has gone into creating it to be both educational and entertaining as it tracks your progress for you to see. Today while using it, I all time topped my score I have been tracing on my one minutes chords transitions.(see last blog post). It is real motivator to continue using it. But budgets being what they are, it's a tough choice!!!

It also has a feature to help teach timing on new strum patterns that I have played with.  I need work on strumming so will do some more on that. This will lead to playing songs it has built in as well.

Kathy saw me using the app and I showed some features to her. Kathy does like the app but whether it will help her out or not I do not know.

I wish it would sync one's score to all your devices and connected to the Google Play Games app so I could share my score with all my game buddies. They can play candy crush or what ever game they want but I will be learning a new skill. I would like to share my progress with them.

I have been pretty regular since last post and I and picking up the A-D-E chords slowly. App or no app I will continue. I look forward to the day I can play along with friends and keep up. It is a good thing I am a patient man as I wait for that to happen.


  • Justin Guitar App I am finding the app useful and very motivating so far.  It is all set up to practice; Chords, Chord changes, Strum patterns and Songs keyed to chords a beginner knows and does it all in a fun audio/visual way with scrolling chords along a soundtrack.  It has lots of A-D-E keyed songs for us to practice(songs limited to 30sec after 4 day trial).  I started using it Feb 12, 2017 with its 4 day trial period, after which it limited access to its ‘STAGE 1’ lessons and limited playing songs 30 second clips, understandable since effort went into the lessons and the songs are not public damian.  I am not ready to go past ‘STAGE 1’ lessons or to play songs yet anyway so will try the 30 second clips and use the apps other sections to learn some more chords, practice it’s one minute chord changes, timing through it beat exercises and view its videos to practice strum patterns. When I get the 'STAGE 1' lessons down and gain confidence in the app I will consider subscribing to the app for a year for $34.99 to use its 'STAGE 1-4' lessons. I only pause as even though it is well worth $34.99 I do have very limited funding.