Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Wayback Burger and a pack of Snarling Dogs

   Jay L. and I had an afternoon out and went to Wayback Burgers then to Guitar Center where we had fun looking around.  Jay found himself looking at all the backpacker size guitars, but was easily dissuaded as he looked at the prices he was unwilling to spend.

   We each did get a tin of Snarling Dog picks.  An odd name for brand, but they are the same price as the bagged ones and come with a cool tin case.

   I picked up the .88mm thick black Snarling Dogs Brain Picks 12 count tin case.  I got the .88mm as I decided I like to play with the thicker picks that I found myself using from my assorted bag pack I had previously picked up.   

  I am using a breath mint tin to store the previous assorted bagged picks.

  I still need to pull out my guitar more often, It is so easy to go a few days without practicing.  A part of it is that I often just do not feel like putting my brain to a workout.