Thursday, April 28, 2016


    We stopped by the Eugene Guitar Center and checked out guitars for fun.  Kathy found the full size dreadnought rather large but liked the 1/2 size.  I have to say I found the 1/2 size quite comfortable as well.  Much easier to maneuver around and I can see its advantages for a small space like ours.  I do like the sound of the dreadnought, but we will only have room for, and be able to afford, one.

    I played with the chords on some guitars  in the store that I have been working on using my phone, and as I suspected, the 3-D fret is MUCH different than a 2-D fret on a glass phone surface.  Go, figure.  I will need much practice on real 3-D strings.

    I plan to repair a separated bridge support piece inside my uncle's guitar(see damage below) and get it a new set of strings for it so we will have a practice unit as we continue to think about the hobby and what size instrument to procure.
My Uncle's Guitar

 Showing separation of inside fret support piece from body top face
Complete Acoustic Achord Photo Album

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Practicing daily, but with a caveat

   Yes, I continue to practice daily.  But although it is the Guitar Tuna app as we don't yet have a guitar.  Okay, I know it's not the same as having a real guitar in your hands, but hey I am learning some chords shapes and it's been a wonderful little app for me, well, how wonderful it is will depend on how well it translates to a 3D object, as opposed to just a glass screen.  I will get back to you on that.  Although it is a confidence booster that I am able to  learn the chords.

    Kathy continues to want to learn too.  I showed her how I use the app as she wants to give it a try.  Her main concern at this point is just being able to hold the beast.  We will see if she can hold a full size are guitar, or we need to get a smaller one.  We will have to go to an actual store to take a look and hold them.  That sounds like it could lead to a dangerous commitment. :)

   We went to visit Dad and it turns out he had my Uncle's guitar and offered it to us.  It is missing the high E string and the the body top is warped around the bridge. It needed a quick clean and while cleaning it I noticed the bridge support inside is pulled away from the body top.  There is no name bragged about on the guitar so it looks like it was a basic guitar he had picked up at some point.   I am thinking it will not be worth repairing.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Acoustic Achord

April 25 I created the blog AcousticAchord after Kathy and I bantered around names.
Chordially Challenged
Chordial Guitar
Chordial chaos
Harmonious Guitar
Acoustic chaos

Ah, Acoustic Achord

We hope our Guitar hobby will actually come to have some Acoustic Achord as we come to sound at least some better.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Considering the third dimension

April 24  I continue to learn the chords G, D, Em, C, A, E, Am, F, Dm with the app but learning chord shapes in an app is entirely different than using actual finger shapes on a guitar.  How I would be able to translate head knowledge to fingers on the frets I do not know.  I need to try a few chords on a real guitar to get an idea if I can get my fingers to make the actual shapes.  Chords look very different on paper or an app than fingers do on a real fret.  And of course it will be a shocker when I find out strings on a real ferd have MUCH more texture than doing chords on a phone app.  Hmmm, go figure. :/

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Learning Chords

April 21   I have learned the chords G, C, D,  and Em, at least in the GuitarTuna app.  Kathy is interested in Guitars as well, and would like to see if she can hold one to play one.  We will have to visit the Guitar Store to see if she can.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Exploring a new hobby

April 19, 2016   The Guitar is an attractive hobby since it is such a social instrument that all enjoy.  It would be fun to learn it. To that end both Kathy and I have watched a few guitar lessons to see the basics of guitar playing.

So far we like Nate Savage's free courses for beginners. First goal is to go through courses some more to familiarize ourselves with some basic chords and strumming techniques.

I am also learning chords on an Android app mini game on GuitarTuna. Then to learn to play Greensleeves, my goal song.  Oh..... well.....   I guess I am putting the cart before the horse, perhaps getting a guitar might help IF we were to decide to continue.  It is fun looking into into new things nevertheless.